impervious to the fear she bestowed upon my heart

into the awaiting foaming jaws of death,

we dwell tonight, misfits of something

gone before, bodies perished incinerated,

and scattered out at dawn. “come with me,”

she said, “nothing is worth your while here

in this cold realm of the damned.”

they will caress your ravens wings and

alabaster halo, alas vengeful resting crowns

embedded with dire sapphires and mystic

ocean chanties. when at midnight

you choose to cross that jagged, milken,

bone bridge. a gateway opens into the

new born labyrinth, greet the maker and

the creator of mild heavens and earth.

a blood rooster crowing, shall lead the way.


L.W. Russell 2013 ©


At Dreams End

Castles forged in snow white sands,

battle weary soldiers in simple form,

scuttle along, encased in drab armor.

Damsels trapped, captive within the

clouds of snowy rapture, weeping;

while an unfathomable liquid beauty

storms what was once some calm

walled existence. Awake, the voices

whispered at blood lotus dawn, this

dream has now ended.  


L.W. Russell © 2013